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Wednesday, 19-Sep-2018

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    Aerodynamic Forces

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Date Created: 09-Dec-2013
Created By: Budi Atmoko
Category: Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic Forces

Aerodynamic Forces on Aircraft 1/2

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Introduction to Aerodynamic Forces

Actually Lift Force is not the only force working on the aircraft, during aircraft moving through the air. There are several aerodynamics forces working together at the same time. The forces are Thrust, Lift, Drag and Weight.

Forces and Directions

1.Thrust Generated by aircraft engine and propeller or turbon fan or turbine to push air moved through the aircraft wing. As result, aircraft moved to direction contrary to air flow directionInline with aircraft directionEngine
2.Lift ForceCreated by air flow moving through aircraft wing which has specific airfoil. Higher lift force created if faster air flow or air flow moving into wider aircraft wing.Perpendicular to air flow directionAir flow through aircraft wing
3.Drag / Air ResistanceCreated by aircraft body moved through air flow. Drag will be higher if air flow faster or aircraft has wider or more body parts which are not streamlinesInline with air flow direction Aircraft body moved through air flow 
4.WeightAircraft weight or force to move aircraft down to the earthDownAircraft+load Weight

As all of forces working at the same time on aircraft, it will create a resultant of the forces, and aircraft should be moved to this direction, hence the magnitude of each forces or the balance and resultant of all forces should be taken into calculation very carefully when controlling aircraft.

The first thing to control aircraft is ensuring the balance of the forces and the direction of force resultant. The correct relationship is figured on the Figure above, where the lift and weight are higher then thrust and drag. The above relationship usually taken into aircraft design and calculated very carefully to create a aircraft general specifications.

1.2 Active and Created Forces

As described on the above tabel, only Thrust force which is created by the engine. This force we called Active Force or controlled force. It means we can control this force all the time by increasing aircraft engine or propeller rotation to get higher thrust force.

Other forces except weight are called created force. It means force created as impact from other forces i.e. Thrust. As impact of Thrust i.e. movement aircraft to forward will create Lift Force and also Drag Force. Controlling engine thrust should make the aircraft fly or land.

to be continued...

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